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Adding to a SharePoint Site Page

Adding to a SharePoint Site Page

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When you have installed Virto Bulk Edit and activated it, you can use either as a web part placed on a SharePoint site page or as an additional feature in “Action” menu.

In case you need to use Virto Bulk Edit as a web part, go to “Site actions – Edit page”.

Then choose “New Web Part Page” and create it.  On the new page click “Add web part” and select Virto Bulk Edit in the list of components. Click “Add”.

On the web part page click “Edit”/”Modify Shared Web Part”. Specify the Folder name if necessary. Select view that will be used when opening web part page. Define fields that will be visible and checked by default.

Enter redirect URL if necessary to redirect after editing or using “Cancel” button (see Redirect URL settings below).

Click “OK” to save the settings.

All files from the list will be shown on a web part page.  Any user has an access to the page will be able to edit details of these files as described in previous sections.

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